MP3 Player Update

By | October 17, 2005

Quick update on the MP3 player project. I spent several hours yesterday looking at cases, embedded systems, and got really, really frustrated. wholesale NFL jerseys The wholesale MLB jerseys Home Theater PC (HTPC) is just now starting to wholesale NFL jerseys catch on, but the manufacturers are charging way too much for a case. Granted, these are some really nice looking cases, but the prices they want for some MP3 of technology them took them right out of the running.

After looking at the pricing Featured for the AllWell STB’s thats what I decided on. Today I ordered a Metallic6086N2 and a Maxtor 250G 5400RPM hard drive, not the fastest, but it will wholesale NFL jerseys run quetly and without a lot of heat. I’ll dla post pictures when the wholesale NFL jerseys items arrive.

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