Halloween 2006

By | October 31, 2006

Its that time of year again! No, not that time, its Halloween! That of course means pumpkin carving. After last year’s marathon session on October 30th, we decided to get an earlier start this year. Got them on last weekend’s shopping trip and planned our Sunday around carving the unsuspecting cucurbita pepos. We must be getting better at it. We started at about 5:30pm and were both finished by 8:00pm. We even took a couple of breaks.

They turned out great:

Lights On

But of course seeing them with the lights on doesn’t do them justice. Lights off:

Lights Off

Jessica also did one more, but I don’t have the picture handy. I’ll add it later. Oh, and for the curious, mine is on the left, hers on the right.

One thought on “Halloween 2006

  1. Jason

    Nice lanterns!

    We missed doing the carvings this year because we were out of town. :/


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