Halloween 2006, Better Late Than Never

By | September 23, 2007

After Jessica saw what I had posted today, we had the following IM conversation:

[11:55:49 AM] <Truffle> there’s a gnome in the first set of pics
[11:56:05 AM] <gottafixthat> LOL. Of course there is.
[11:56:12 AM] <Truffle> gack!
[11:56:18 AM] <gottafixthat>
[11:56:20 AM] <Truffle> oh, and I’m mad at you
[11:56:24 AM] <gottafixthat> Why?
[11:56:33 AM] <Truffle> you never posted the second pumpkin I did
[11:56:37 AM] <gottafixthat> I suck

So, here is the second pumpkin she carved last year. It does look really, really cool (click for huge size):

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