Home Improvement – Part 1

By | September 23, 2007

Since we moved into our house back in early 2003, we’ve slowly but surely been redecorating rooms and fixing the place up. We’ve had a few people live with us in that time, and each time, Jessica has always sacrificed her space. The first time was her sister, who was escorted out by the Sheriff in handcuffs (thats another story though). After her sister *ahem* moved out, Jessica took over the back room to be her craft room. We redecorated my den before we did her room, and the room that was to be hers became a sort of holding room for stuff we didn’t have a place for yet. This is what it looked shortly after her sister moved out and before Jessica moved in the first time (ignore all the stuff, it has all since found a place to be put away):

Before Picture 1

Before Picture 2

Before Picture 3

Note the horrible colors, the border, and the shelves. The previous owners of the house had a serious affection for mollies and we’ve pulled at least 20 of them out of the walls in this room.

Earlier this year we were helping out a couple and let them stay with us for about 4 months. Jessica once again moved out of her room. They moved out last weekend, so, with the room now empty, we decided to give Jessica her own space painted and decorated the way she wants it. It is to be a geek-girl/modern princess room. To be honest, though, with the way she wants it, there are no appropriate adjectives for it. It will look really good when its done, but there is no way to pigeon hole it into a particular style.

They moved out last Saturday, and last Sunday we stripped the wallpaper border, which helped a lot (click for full size if you dare).

After Jessica spackled the dozens of holes in the wall on Friday night:

As I said before, Jessica has picked out the color scheme for this room. We’re doing three colors, the ceiling is a very pale pink, the walls are a very dark “India ink” color and last night we picked up a color called “Petal” which is a brighter pink for her to do the base boards and molding. We got the ceiling painted yesterday, and it does look quite a bit better:

We’re painting the walls today, I’ll post again after that is done…

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