Home Improvement – Part 2

By | September 25, 2007

We got the first coat of paint on the walls on Sunday and the room immediately transformed, still no appropriate adjectives — Jessica says that her choices for colors escape description. Of course now she wants a theme song, too. Something that speaks to her personality. The Pinky and the Brain theme song comes closest for her, I think. While I was starting in on the first wall, this is of course what she was painting:

There was a “Fjord” on another wall, though I don’t have a picture of that one. If Pinky were also a genius then it would fit her perfectly, unfortunately Pinky is only insane…

At any rate, here is the room after we finished the second coat of paint we put on last night. Its looking really, really good.

Now that the paint is up, all thats left to do is replacing the electrical outlets and light switches with the black ones we got, replacing the light fixture (which is, shall we say, uniquely her), the molding and trim and running the ethernet jack from the cable we left in the ceiling when we wired the house.

Will post more on the progress as it, uh, progresses…

One thought on “Home Improvement – Part 2

  1. Jason

    That’s awesome. It looks great!

    I was going to paint my hobby room dark colors (probably black on black) when we got our first house, but we didn’t have access to the house until the move in date…



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