First update of 2009

By | February 22, 2009

Well, the last two years have been…..Interesting.

This is just a quick update to give the site a recent post and start to get back into the whole blogging thing again.  Things have been extremely hectic for the last two years.  Some good things have happened, some bad, but mostly just busy.  I haven’t wanted to spend much of my “off-time” behind the computer, but things are settling down a bit and I find myself wanting to post more.

I decided to update the site with the latest version of WordPress, give it a new look and move it to a different server.  The servers that the old site was on were no longer under my direct control.  Moving things around gives me the ability to keep it maintained a bit more than I had been.  The old site also had a few vulnerabilities that let spammers in.  I lost a few posts and a bunch of my posts had hidden link spam in them.  Its all cleaned up now, still a few lost posts.  They weren’t that important or interesting.

I’ve also decided to add a couple more categories in the near future, too.  There are some articles that I want to write about coding as well as contribute some of my code to the OSS community.

Stay tuned…

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