FUPPES Revisited

By | April 14, 2009

So after a bit more Googling, I took another look at FUPPES.  The “release” (SVN-578) seems quite a bit more stable.  The version I was working with is SVN-634, which is the latest from the author’s subversion repository.  It still has the mostly the same pros and cons.  The stable version doesn’t automatically watch directories, though.  So the pros and cons balance out again.

I also read on the uShare site that development has stopped there.

FUPPES does seem the most promising out of all of them, but Ulrich Völkel hasn’t been doing too much with it lately.  There was even a fork of FUPPES proposed in the forums so people want to contribute, but not much has become of that, either.  I may try to debug some of the segfaults myself, we shall see…

3 thoughts on “FUPPES Revisited

  1. marc Post author

    Not a FUPPES developer, but I’m certainly not afraid to dig into code to solve a problem I may be having.

  2. Patrick

    Hey there Marc,

    I have also looked at several of the UPnP media servers, uShare, miniDLNA, and mediaTomb. I have been wanting to try Fuppes, however I have been having problems with compilation. I would like it to work with the xbox 360 along with transcoding. The xbox requires taglib and ffmpeg. My problem comes in with taglib and mpeg4ip. I have taglib installed however the configuration script does not find it, and I cannot fine an mpeg4ip rpm. I am running CentOS 6.2. If you could provide any help with your compilation process I would appreciate it. You can see my configuration output here:


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