Amazon Fire Stick vs Roku 3

By | April 15, 2015

So back in December, Amazon was running a promo for Prime members to purchase the new Fire TV Stick for 50% off, making it just about $21 after tax.  I couldn’t pass up that offer.  After using it for a little while now, I figured I would give a review of it.

Before getting started, though, I’ll point out that we have purchased media from a variety of sources, including Amazon, VUDU and Google Play.  I’m not really thrilled with having things scattered across multiple content providers, but thats the way availability of some media is right now.  It does make it fun when you want to watch something and having to remember where you purchased it.  In addition, we also have a rather large library now served by Plex.  So, when testing things out, I will try from all media sources if I can.

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