Power Supply for ASUS ZenBook UX501VW

By | March 12, 2016

After I purchased the new ASUS ZenBook, I went looking for another power supply for it, one to keep plugged in at my desk at the office, and another one for my backpack. One would think that would be easy to do, right? Not so.

ASUS decided to do something very odd, and rather stupid. They changed the size of the power tip for the power supply, but kept the same part number. I went through two different orders of the PA-1121-26 power supply and both of them had the wrong size tip. There is nowhere on the ASUS website to order a compatible one, and purchasing one from anywhere else will likely get you the wrong size tip.

I did finally find one that works. The voltage specs are just a bi different, but close enough. — 19.5 volts versus 19 volts and 6.15 amps versus 6.32 amps. Additionally, the tip is 1mm too long, but it works. The voltage and the amperage isn’t off by too much that I worry about it. This will work for now, at least until ASUS makes a genuine one available.

Because of the fit of the tip and the slight voltage differences, I wouldn’t really want to use this one as my primary adapter, but its perfect for keeping at my desk in the office.

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