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Fixing My Parents Network Part 1

By | June 17, 2014

A couple months ago, my parents finally replaced their old Sony console TV (a tube TV) with a bright shiny new Samsung 60″ Smart TV.  Its a thing of beauty.  The picture is crisp and sharp and has excellent color.  Being one of Samsung’s Smart TV’s, it also has networking capabilities and can stream things from the Internet.… Read More »

PhpStorm Simple Speedup

By | April 1, 2014

So, I’ve been working with JetBrains PhpStorm for about 6 months or so now.  Only recently have I started forcing myself to serious work with it.  Part of the reason why I used tabbed terminals and VIM for so many years is that it is very fast.  No mouse clicking, my hands never need to leave the keyboard except… Read More »

Cisco/Linksys ATA Exploit?

By | November 12, 2013

So I’ve encountered a strange exploit being attempted against the VoIP system I maintain.  Its not actually against the softswitch, though, but rather against the end customer’s ATA.  We first saw this particular exploit three or four months ago, and its a rather strange, but at the same time rather ingenious in its effectiveness. By not targeting the… Read More »