Who Shall Control My Media? Part 4 – Backend Storage

By | October 16, 2016

So you’ve got a lot of videos, home movies, pictures, etc., that you want to have access to from all of your devices and get them on your big screen.  Sounds simple, right?  Its anything but.  With the huge amount of competition and proprietary solutions out there it can be very confusing and extremely frustrating trying to figure… Read More »


No More Homework in Our House

By | September 14, 2016

After my last post questioning homework for elementary school kids, we’ve done a lot more reading and researching on the subject.  A lot. Since the last fight, we took a stand — our first grader won’t be doing any more homework.  While dropping him off one morning, she asked him for his homework folder and I calmly and… Read More »


Elementary School Homework or No Homework?

By | August 25, 2016

This is quite the detraction from the normal types of posts I make.  I typically try to put things that are tech related or other “hobbies” of mine up here.  But this is something I’m feeling very strongly about, so I wanted to share and possibly get feedback from. Long story short, I’m in my mid 40’s and… Read More »


My first few days with the OnePlus 3

By | June 26, 2016

I didn’t really want a new phone but my HTC One M9 was starting to really irritate me.  Specifically the battery and power usage.  It got to the point where I was having to charge it at least 3 times a day or I would run out of power.  I was able to watch the battery tick down… Read More »


Who Shall Control My Media? Part 3 – Media Players

By | June 18, 2016

Media players are a interesting topic.  Over the past couple of years, we’ve tried a variety of them.  The first one was back in 2007 and was the D-Link MediaLounge DSM-520 that got its media from a UPNP Media server.  It was designed to fit into a home entertainment unit, the typical ~19 inches wide and looked a… Read More »


Redmine API and Jetbrains Integration

By | June 8, 2016

I just thought I would put this out there in case anyone else had the same problem as I did as there is surprisingly little out there. I just recently switched back over to using Redmine from Jira, this time via a Docker image.  Its nice and clean and avoids the various problems I was having with Apache… Read More »


Installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on Asus ZenBook UX501VW

By | April 25, 2016

First off, let me first say, what a nightmare this was.  After the relative ease of installing Ubuntu 15.10 on the ZenBook I was more than a bit disappointed with how difficult it was installing Ubuntu 16.04. The stock Ubuntu 16.04 spin would boot from a thumb drive without a problem.  Whether or not I got a mouse pointer… Read More »


Installing Ubuntu 15.10 on the Asus ZenBook Pro UX501VW, Redux

By | March 27, 2016

Update 2016-04-25, this post is obsolete.  I now have information on installing Ubuntu 16.04 at https://marclewis.com/2016/04/25/installing-ubuntu-16-04-lts-on-asus-zenbook-ux501vw/ After writing about installing Ubuntu 14.04 on the ZenBook Pro I used it for about a month or so, but was not really happy with it.  Nothing seemed quite right.  Fonts were off, cursor sizes were off, applications didn’t look quite like they were… Read More »